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What are the common interfaces of TFT LCD

2022-06-23 16:46

When we are selecting and applying a LCD screen, we need to select the interface mode of the LCD screen suitable for the communication end of our host according to our motherboard. Of course, it can also be equipped with HDMI, VGA and DVI driver boards to solve this problem.

At present, there are many kinds of common interfaces for LCD screen. LEEHON have sorted out the following common interfaces according to sales experience :


The transmission rate is relatively low. MCU interface is generally used on small-size TFT, and must have on-chip GRAM.


The propagation speed of SPI interface is slow. It is generally used for TFT LCD below 2 inch.


RGB interface is one of the most commonly used interface modes of LCD screen. It is faster than MCU interface and can be used without GRAM.


LVDS interface low voltage differential signal, adopts low voltage and low current driving mode, so it realizes low noise and low consumption.


The purpose of MIPI interface is to reduce the design complexity of mobile phone, reduce cost and power consumption and improve reliability.


The transmission rate of ePD interface mode is much higher than that of LVDS interface. eDP interface can transmit high-resolution signals with simple connectors.

We don't supply MCU and SPI interface modes.


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